Beaver Towers 1 and 2


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In year 5 we have been reading an amazing book by the outstanding author Nigel Hinton, he has wrote many books which are amazing but the ones I am going to write about the first 2 books of Beaver Towers. We also met the amazing author in our special BOF 4 or you can say BOF 2015, Nigel Hinton is a daring man who tries to do stuff which his story charecter is going to do, ‘but a hint do not ever kill yourself if your characters going to die’said by Nigel Hinton himself. The first book of Beaver Tower. It is all about when a young boy named Philip is at his home in his ordinary house. When his dad bring him a big dragon kite, Philip wanted to
fly that kite but he held it in for about 2 days. On the third day he couldn’t hold it in and flew the kite. Then when he started to fly the kite he felt his feet leave the ground, suddenly he saw his house grow smaller, HE IS FLYING!.
This book has a lot of words which makes you finish the whole series.
Stay tuned for the next book review.

ultimate ultra mega: (maths)


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Goalkeeper:                                                                                                  De Gea     13 x 9=


Defence:                       Pepe     12 x 14=                                                     Elvin       8 x 13=                                              Mobeen 24 x 5=


Midfielder:                  Bale      19 x 6=                   Vishal      15 x 9                  Rodriguez       20 x 42             Neymar     17 x 4=


Striker:                   Agüero 32 x 12=                   Ariyan  82 x 11=

Ronaldo 45% as a fraction                     Messi 49-10×5=




The fog 3


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Tiara ,Tia and Tiana was very worried what will happen to the world if the Helpful Selena ( fog ) ruled the world . So the three girls think of a plan and think then Tia thought and text to the girls because of Helpful Selena has got hearing but bad eye site . So the texted said ” let’s put paint on her so we can see her and then she who she really is because at the moment we can’t see her but she can see us .  Tiana wrote but what paint because she has different types of paint that will help her or make her weak . Tiara text her sisters and wrote in caps DONT TAKE RED PAINT or it will make her stronger so take colours such as : yellow and all the bright colours . So they all went to B&Q and brought different types of paints such as : blue , yellow pink purple but not any dark colours or it will make her stronger and almost undeaftedble. So they went to the park were they meeted her before. She came and they all threw different colour paints at her . The colours that they threw was : green , pink blue orange and many more colours . Then Tia suddenly threw a tip of red paint and she a grew an inch taller but then Tiara relized then she rushed and got a light colour and threw it on her so she kept on getting smaller then she popped and and she would never been seen again or we will she come back  ……..To be continued . By Veronica hoped you enjoyed it .




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Hi my name is Alexandra I have six sisters called Olivia,Tinayah, Tiah, Siara, Amee and Abigail. I also have 2 brothers called kamarni and Jacob.










                            CHAPER 1 HOW TO BE A DORK 

As you know I have a sister called Amee she is the crazyst out of all of us. She even winds up the big ones saying that there going to tim buck to later in there life. Theres something i want to tell you Amee’s a DORK. When it comes to maths,english,science she gets on with it she sometimes helps me when im stuck. Five tips of beening a dork get on with your work,be the first one to finish,wear glasses, walk past people when you get destracted and do your homework.As much as io love Amee as a sister im never going to be a DORK. When school is over Amee will come straight home and talk about her school day to mum, all say is blugh blugh blugh boring school day for me. In a minite it is going to be time for me to start my new chapter. Would you like to be a geek?



As you know i live in Donny short for Doncarster,yorkshire wiat you dont know that didnt you. 

I go to broadway high school. I HATE SCHOOL REALLY HATE SCHOOL.  Its been like ive been chasing circles this week. Anyway i have to go to the options today, I think i have gone blind, all i see is a circle black and white. I have asked my teacher if i can go home before lunch but she siad if it is really bad. In other words NO. My brain is shutting down what should i do. TWO HOURS LATER… Where am i oh no i am at the school office what happend. I collaped ohno. You know that means i have no school tommoro OMG # HAPPY FACE.



I Forgot yesterday was friday shame on me what was i thinking i am more crazer than Amee. I am so bored what i planned is now ruined ruined. I am so mad with myself i should have none. Well you know we have monday. Thats it monday but mondays my school play i cant miss that. Tuesday not tuesday oh well times running out quick have to start planning.



Its the day wedding day the day my Aunt Kizzyan and her husband jomay. I can’t wait till it’s the wedding i am a bridesmaid in White. I love white Its one of my favourite colors White goes with everything. I have lovely flowers on my white dress.  my hair is going to be out I am going to look lovely.





The legend of the dragon


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Once there were two twins called Sophie and Sophia they were once playing in the garden and they heard a big roar.They thought it was just the people who were digging up the road.They did not like big noises so they ran into the house.Later on at night their grandma read them a story about dragons,the two girls knew that dragons were a fairy tale.The next day they woke up and they saw a beautiful rainbow outside.If they see a rainbow they believe that it is going to be a happy day for them.Later they washed their faces and went downstairs,they sniffed the delicious food and rushed to the kitchen.After they finished eating breakfast,they went into the garden to play.Whilst they were playing they heard the giant “roar” again.They were terrified this time,Sophia grabbed Sophie’s hand and started squeezing it.”Sophie what is that noise”whispered Sophia.”I don’t know what that noise is”.On the other hand the girls were brave so they went through the house to the front yard.They started walking a few paces along the street. As quick as a flash they saw four or five people run past them.The two brave girls started following the cheetahs. At the end the people led them to a cave.Sophie and Sophia gulped hardly.

What do you think will happen next in the story?

By Shanusha 5:3


scary night for Steve at Freddy’s house


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one stormy night Steve was out in the freezing cold he saw a house a scary one it was so scary he went in the house and it was really dark.

Steve thought it was his favourite game five nights at Freddy’s.  HE looked for some food when he got in the house the door closed and Steve got scared he saw a teddy bear named Freddy Steve was very scared.




pleas give me feedback for chapter2

cricket and the cage


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In the dark spooky forest there was a small house where the cricket lived. The cricket had green skin, blue eye and a mark of his dad when he died to remind him, it was a wiggly line down and 2 round shapes on the opposite side. He can jump higher than a frog. The cricket does not know what patience means, he doesn’t stay one place at all because he’s always in a rush. No one cared about him. Although he is a kind animal, whenever he got angry we would break anything around him. He was waiting for his mum to arrive home; she said she will bring a giant leaf to eat. One day he went to look for his mum, on the way he found a house that had a broken window. As he walked up to the house he saw it was old and rotten, the roof was broken. It was like a haunted house. Inside the house was dirty and when he put his foot in the floor it make a sound of a mouse squeaking. Suddenly lightening hit the roof than someone coat him into the cage it was 5 people their were strong as Goku one person power is 126,999,954,515 so than the cricket got angry try to hit it so it make a hole but it did not brake than he try to move fast so it fall down and bracket but it did not worked than he remembered that dad said “being patient Ent can get thing done “then he “let try it than maybe my sprit might say something to escape” he madtat  for 5 day than he got it he need to wait so he got a plan that was being dead  and then  get out fast so he waited until he saw it and open it and he escape.  Than the cricket does madder every time when he get trapped. Moral: being patient and you will l get thing done .By Kopihan

100 word challenge


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One sunny day there was two twins called Holly and Poppy they always stay together. They were also the daughters of Rupunzel and Holly was going o be the next Rupunzel . But that might not stay the same . Holly And Poppy loved to to make up and do their hair together . They would never leave each other’s side . On day they both went to school so they could meet up with Briar,Raven , Ashllyn , Blondie , Apple and Maddie . But when they were walking Holly  got a call from their nan saying Poppy is the next rupunzel .  They never dreamed of this .

The Day I stopped the War, By Sam


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Hi my name Idara, a Nigerian boy, who is a poor orphan. I love my orphanage and we don’t have to work, instead, we can play and have freedom. While I was playing with my friends Chibueze, Sunmulowa and Obaloluwa, some solider- like men were walking across the path next to the field, with guns! We were petrified.

Suddenly our carer, Akuoma called my friends and I to come inside.

When we sprinted inside, we glared at the room, it was empty. Also Akosa, Ajah, Aisah, Sunbola, Zorte, Lenu and Damola were lined up by the front door nice and neatly. We were confused, why were they doing this. Chibueze asked “What are you doing?”. Akuoma, whispered “We are fleeing because of the Civil War between Upper and Lower Nigeria. We live in the central, it would be a chance if both of the armies hit us with their harmful bombs!”. “Then, why can’t we stay here, Lower Nigeria are friends with Central Nigeria. “ I asked. “Shush, we have to go.” Replied Akuoma.

We crept outside, and it was empty. Suddenly, a big hand touched our backs. What could it be ? Are we captured ?


By Sam

The Fog 2


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Once they listened to the fog . They told there mum and there mum said ” are you sure what you are telling me about this fog ” . Yes we  are , also the fog ‘s name is Helpful Selena . But somewhere somehow there mum knew who was helpful Selena . She wasn’t helpful she wanted to rule the world . This was her plan , she would act nice to the world then once she is queen she would take people to be her slaves and make her family came and live in other people ‘s homes and you would have to sleep outside. Tia said ” so she not really helpful ” there mum told  the three girls if you are going to talk about helpful Selena you would have to whisper or text it to each other. So if we are talking about her we need to whisper or text but why. The reason is when she is queen she will rule the world and then she would remember you and make her family come and live in our house or make us her slaves or even worst . You wouldn’t like that would you . So that why we have to whisper or text . But don’t tell anyone or they will think your weird and will never believe you and then the fog will came and say that i’m real . Then they will tell everyone so that why . So know lets stared the day fresh again . Guess what we did at the park mum we went on the slide and monkey bars and the swing . Then there mum said ” wow you three had a lovely day at the park today ” . Taina said with joy ” yeah we did this was the best day ever “, but in her mind she said it was the worst day ever . She shouldn’t of said that because Helpful Selena can hear everything but her eye site is very terrible so you can text about her but not talk about her . So then Tia took out her IPhone 6 and text her two sisters and her mum so we can’t talk about her we have to text about

her . Then her mum replied and text them and wrote yes we do I am really sorry but I will handell this fog even if she is a fog I will call the court and tell them there is a mysterious cloud walking around telling people good thing but when she is evil. But how because she is gas and when you try get her you wouldn’t get her . Or we can make a trap …..

What do you think will happen next ?