What should our Year 5 motto be?


Posted by Miss Arli | Posted in General News | Posted on 03-12-2014

During our Wake up and Think this week we have been thinking about what our year group motto should be..

You have to think about key words that describe the way we work in our open learning zone and create phrase to describe us in Year 5.

I look forward to reading some inspiring motto’s!



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What i think the motto should be is

Own choice to learn.

Why i think it should be own choice to learn is because we can work were ever we want so that’s

why i think it should be own choice to learn.

By Tabish


Hi Miss aril

my motto is called independent learner as we are !

It means that we are independent learner and we are or ready independent

by Kopihan

work hard and don’t mess aruond

eye enhance your education

don’t mess and try you best!

don’t lose and try you best!

Hi Miss aril

My motto is jump in the pit jump out the pit,

This is my motto because this tells us when your in
the pit try your best to get out.

By Vishal

Hi Miss Arli
I think the moto should be dont mess around and listen to teachers i said it because if you dont listen
to teachers you will not know what your doing

Hi miss Arli

I have been thinking about the school motto.

My school motto is never give up and success to your best.

What it means is you will never give up in your work and you will success and you will be the best in your work

BY Mobeen

Hi Miss Arli,

My motto would be Never give up until the day is done!

I thought this because our year group never gives up until the day is over and our year group always does work until diamond time.

So that’s my motto!

By Elvin

Hi Miss Aril

i think the year 5 motto should be believe in yourself and follow your dreams . I choose this one because as we are older we have more dreams that we want to come true but when we were younger we did not think about that but know we do think about it . Also i choose believe in yourself because if you don’t if you don’t believe in yourself you might not be success full in life and you won’t have a happy life . Also you will think you can not do nothing in life .
By Katie 5:3


I think our year 5 mooto be:
Try what you can and that is what you gone have!!!

Is because you are trying what you need to do and then if you try, try and try you’r gonner have what you are trying to do good.

Hi Miss Aril,

I think the motto should be:

Look up and never look down until the day is done , because we shouldn’t give up on a good piece of work that you are about to finish a piece of work when it is the end of the day.

By Veronica

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